About Us

Mirath in Mind is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2010 to promote and keep alive the cultural legacies of the arts, heritage and culture of the Arab and Lebanese world in Australia.

Inspired by the work of artistic legends, one of the principal objectives of Mirath in Mind is to raise awareness amongst the Arab and non-Arab communities of the rich cultural contribution of the Arabs, particularly amongst the younger generations. Each year Mirath in Mind will celebrate a different ‘living Arab treasure’, whether it is an artist, writer or musician.

In 2019 we have chosen to celebrate the theme of:

Our main objectives of the projects include:

-Establishing a conducive framework, including a network of enthusiastic volunteers and members, who are committed to fulfilling the mission of the organisation.

-Elevating the Arab and Lebanese community’s awareness of their own cultural legacies through targeted events held solely by the organisation or in conjunction with community groups and academic institutions.

-Exposing the legacies of the Arab and Lebanese world to the broader public through a range of events such as concerts, exhibitions and discussion forums.

-Encouraging other cultural communities to adopt Mirath in Mind’s approach to preserving their intangible heritage, when the established framework is proven to be successful.

Mirath in Mind’s 2019 Where Oceans Meet project would not be possible without the support of our sponsors