Mirath 2011: Fayruz & Assi Rahbani

In 2011, Mirath in Mind selected Fayruz and Assi Rahbani as its inaugural project. Together, they represent a modern musical language which timelessly reflect the social and cultural developments in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Mirath in Mind proclaimed 21 November as the inaugural Fayruz Day in Australia (coinciding with the famous singer’s birthday). The day was celebrated at the Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo by way of an Awards Ceremony recognising school and university students who have participated in competitions and research work about the life and times of Fairuz. Close to nine hundred Primary, Secondary High School and University students in Sydney and Melbourne were exposed to Fayruzs’ award winning films -“Bint el-Haras” (Daughter of the Guard) and “Safar Barlek” (Slavery in Exile) and were asked to submit works in a number of categories – visual and performing arts, digital media and literary works.

Below is an example of one of the Essays which took out first prize on the day

Durra Baraz 1st prize Deakin_Fairouz