Mirath 2014

Salwa Al-Katrib was a Lebanese singer best known for her roles in Emerald Princess and Mountain Girl (Bent Al Jabal). She was the wife of Nahi Lahoud and the mother of aspiring Lebanese actress and singer Aline Lahoud.

The thought of being involved in theater work was something Salwa had from a very young age, however this was far from reality until she was discovered by Lebanese director Romeo Lahoud.

Romeo has four brothers and sisters, each with their own unique and incredible talents.

Romeo himself is an architect, designer, songwriter,producer and director who has more than 30 musicals with some of the most famous contemporary performing artists in the entertainment industry.

Romeo’s sister Aline is a journalist, Papou is a stylist, Nay an extremly talented choreographer and Nahi is producer and historian who was married to Salwa and father to their daughter Aline.