Philemon Whebe, the talented composer’s personality compounded his popularity. His sense of humour was often present in monologues, acting roles, and parodic songs, such as Sanfirlo a ça ne fait rien.

The solemn composer liked to play with words and feelings and sought to chase away people’s misery with laughter. Even though he was not able to read musical notes, he created melodies that remain strokes of genius.

He worked closely with one of Lebanon’s most reputed singers, Fairouz. Together they composed 28 songs starting in 1959. Wehbe was among the country’s first composers to spread Lebanese music in the Arab World. He worked with several other artists, such Sabah, Wadih El Safi, and Melhem Barakat, who also went on to become icons of local music in their home country and abroad.

Sabah Wehbe, the empress of Lebanese songs and diva to the Arab music world has released over 50 albums, starred in 98 Movies, along with 20 stage plays and has written over 3500 songs. She was among the first Arabic singers to perform at the Olympia in Paris, Carnegie Hall in New York, the Piccadilly Theatre in London and at the Sydney Opera House.